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Definition of Research:

  • inquire into; "the students had to research the history of the Second World War for their history project"; "He searched for information on his relatives on the web"; "Scientists are exploring the nature of consciousness"
  • systematic investigation to establish facts
  • attempt to find out in a systematically and scientific manner; "The student researched the history of that word"
  • inquiry: a search for knowledge; "their pottery deserves more research than it has received"

Definition of information:

  • a message received and understood
  • data: a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn; "statistical data"
  • knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction
  • (communication theory) a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome; "the signal contained thousands of bits of information"
  • formal accusation of a crime
       Definitions by: WordNet Search

U.S. : NPR

Plane Carrying GOP V.P. Nominee Mike Pence Skids Off LaGuardia Runway

A runway is closed while investigators look into why the charter jet carrying Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and more than 40 others slid off the runway Thursday night while landing at LaGuardia Airport.

Jury Awards Former Penn State Assistant Football Coach $7.3 Million

Mike McQueary testified in the defamation case that he had reported seeing another former coach, Jerry Sandusky, abusing a boy. McQueary says he was fired in retaliation for helping investigators.

Roommate Pleads Guilty In Rutgers Suicide Case

Dharun Ravi accepted a plea deal after courts overturned his original conviction. Tyler Clementi killed himself after secret video taken by Ravi of Clementi kissing a man was shown to other students.

Leaders Of Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff Acquitted

The jury found Ammon Bundy and six followers not guilty of illegally occupying a federal wildlife refuge earlier this year and not guilty of conspiracy to commit a crime.

Oregon Occupation Unites Native American Tribes To Save Their Land

In the wake of the Ammon Bundy wildlife refuge trial, Native Americans are refocusing national attention on the ancestral rights their tribes hold to federal lands in the West.

Qualcomm Spends Big Money To Get In The Car (Chip) Business

The smartphone chipmaker has agreed to buy NXP Semiconductors for $38 billion. The deal allows Qualcomm to rely less on the smartphone industry. NXP makes semiconductors for cars.

Colorado Votes On A Ballot Measure To Make It Harder To Pass Ballot Measures

Voters can amend their state's constitution: Think legalization of pot. But some Coloradans say citizen initiatives are out of control, and a well-funded push is underway to raise the bar.

'Washington Post' Reporter Explores How Pop Culture Influences Views Of Police

NPR's Kelly McEvers talks to Washington Post reporter Alyssa Rosenberg, who has written a series for the paper about how Hollywood and pop culture has influenced the way the public perceives police.

Obama Urges A Boost In IT Spending To Secure Federal Computers

Protecting decades-old systems from hackers is like "trying to put air bags into an old car," the government's chief information officer says. The administration proposes $3.1 billion in upgrades.

Police Evict Dakota Pipeline Protesters

Police officers, some of them in riot gear, removed protesters who refused to leave private land in North Dakota where a pipeline is supposed to be built.

Chronicle of Philanthropy List Reveals Striking Change In Charity Landscape

Each year, the Chronicle of Philanthropy publishes a list of the biggest charities in the U.S. This year, there has been a change in the No. 1 spot that philanthropy watchers call "stunning."

'Falsettos' Still Resonates In Changed Social Landscape

When Falsettos first premiered in 1981, this frank, funny musical about gay, Jewish life in New York City was covering new territory. Now a revival is in the works, but will it still feel resonant in an age where gay rights have become mainstream?

Ambassador Urges U.S. To 'Draw Some Lines' In China Relationship

U.S. Ambassador to China, former Montana Sen. Max Baucus, urges the U.S. to "draw some lines" and show that "we're not going to get bullied," while remaining upbeat overall about U.S.-China ties.

Hispanic Voters Key In Deciding Nevada's Tight Senate Race

Control of the Senate will come down to just a handful of races, and Nevada is the only seat Republicans have a real chance of flipping. Three-term Republican Sen. Joe Heck is running almost even with Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto. The race could come down to Hispanic voters, and Heck has tried to distance himself from Trump.

House Speaker Paul Ryan Prepares For Challenges After Election Day

House Speaker Paul Ryan faces a number of political pressures after Election Day. Ryan is campaigning to hold the Republican majority in Congress after abandoning any efforts to help Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump win the White House.

World : NPR

This Bird Can Remain Airborne For 10 Months Straight

These birds fly from Europe to sub-Saharan Africa, but they don't touch down on the continent. Researchers say new findings raise questions about "when and to what extent swifts need to sleep."

Ambassador Urges U.S. To 'Draw Some Lines' In China Relationship

U.S. Ambassador to China, former Montana Sen. Max Baucus, urges the U.S. to "draw some lines" and show that "we're not going to get bullied," while remaining upbeat overall about U.S.-China ties.

Repeated Bombings On Schools Kill At Least 22 Children In Syria

NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with Justin Forsyth from UNICEF about the bombing of a school complex in northwest Syria.

Report Declares Global Wildlife Populations Are Plunging. But It's Complicated

The WWF report asserts that wildlife populations have dropped by a startling percentage since 1970. The details and extent of that decline, however, are more complex than any one number can capture.

To Help More People In Need, Researchers Urge Aid Groups: Do Less

Aid groups are falling short on some of the world's worst crises, says researcher Sara Pantuliano. There is a way to fix it — but it might not be popular.

The Walloons Pack A Wallop As Canada, Europe Agree To Tweak A Trade Deal

A major trade deal between Canada and the European Union hit a snag when the tiny Belgian region of Wallonia raised objections. But after winning concessions, the Walloons say they're now on board.

There's Another Side To Bush Meat That Doesn't Get Much Attention

The risk posed to mammals — and to public health — is well-documented. But for some people, bush meat is an important part of their daily diet.

Dozens Dead In What UNICEF Calls One Of The Worst School Bombings In Syria's War

"Some people cursed the Assad regime. Some invoked God. And others didn't say a word," a witness tells NPR. Schools have been hit repeatedly during Syria's war and this is one of the worst incidents.

Dozens Charged With Scamming 15,000 Victims Through Fake IRS Calls

The U.S. government alleges that a fraud scheme used operators at Indian call centers, impersonating IRS or immigration officials, to scam thousands of people out of more than $300 million.

Europe's Aid Plan For Syrian Refugees: A Million Debit Cards

The European Union is giving the cards to Syrian refugees in Turkey. It's a massive project that will provide about $30 a person per month to the struggling families.

After NATO Objections, Russian Warships Won't Refuel At Spanish Port

A convoy of Russian warships is bound for the Mediterranean, and some were planning to stop for fuel at a Spanish enclave. NATO is concerned the ships are heading to support Russian strikes in Syria.

Porridge, The Food That Built Empires, Stages A Savory Comeback

Globally, this humble dish was one of the first ways humans learned to unlock the nutrition in grains. Now, chefs are embracing its sumptuous, delicious possibilities. And no, it's not just oatmeal.

The First 100 Days: What Clinton And Trump Want To Get Done

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both sketched out what they would do during their first few months in the White House, including bills they'd send to Congress and steps they'd take on their own.

Italians Decry Rome's Invasion Of McDonald's And Cheap Souvenir Shops

Some intellectuals have written a letter to the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization bemoaning the siege of fast-food joints that have replaced Rome's workshops and bookstores.

Afghan Girl From Famed Photo 3 Decades Ago Is Jailed In Pakistan

The green-eyed Afghan girl, famous from the photo taken by Steve McCurry for National Geographic, has been arrested in Pakistan for having a fake ID card. She's been living as a refugee in Pakistan.

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